Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record v10.58.6 [Mod Lite]



Truecaller, Android cihazlar için yayınlanan arayan kimliği ve spam bloklama uygulamasıdır. Android 4.4 ve üzeri gerektirir.

Introducing Group Chats!
A safe and private way to chat with anyone on Truecaller.
Join groups you really want to join.
Receive messages only after you accept an invite.
Keep your mobile number private.
Chat in groups without sharing your number with strangers.
No more fake group members.
See Truecaller profiles of everyone in the group.

Based on Premium version;
Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (30.9 MB total apk size);
Location Maps works;
Drive backup works;
Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
Support for arm devices only;
No forced shortcuts;
Languages: En, Ru.

Truecaller - Arayan Kimliği İndir - Android - MaxiCep

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