Python TouchComic v1.81 S60v5 [ Comic Book Reader ]

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TouchComic is a Comic Book Reader
written in Python.
TouchComic is a simple but effective CBZ
reader. For those who don't know, a CBZ is
basically a collection of images stored in a
ZIP file for convenience.
All CBZ files should be stored on the
memory card E:/ in a folder called
Here are some features of
· Support for CBZ/ZIP files, JPG/Gif and PNG
· Screen mode with Touch/Gesture
based controls
· Portrait/Landscape operation
· Intelligent Auto-fit scaling option
· Bookmarking, Search Functions
· Symbian S60 5th Edition
· Python for S60 (PyS60)
· Double buffering, to reduce image
· improved kinetic scrolling algorithm
· on screen buttons to make navigation
more intuitive
· removed double taps and gestures as
these were not very reliable
· added translucency for buttons
· added hardware button capture for N97
(camera button, single press) this button
can also be programmed in the settings to
either enable the magnifying tool, or to
skip to next page.
· changed color scheme for loading screen
· added different scaling quality options to
improve page swapping times.
· config file is now version dependent
· additional keyboard shortcuts for N97
(up, down and Z to use magnifying
· toggle fit to width direct from menu as
well as settings.
· a whole bunch of bug fixes including the
autobookmarking not working and app
hanging on exit.
· search option within file open dialog
· Show read/unread flag in file open dialog
What's new in TouchComic 1.81:
· two very small bug fixes
What's new in TouchComic 1.8:
· HUGE Scrolling Bug fixed
· Bug when App not exiting properly if file
browser canceled fixed.
· Changed magnifying glass to *possibly*
use the send on the i8910
· Magnifying glass stays on until switched
off when activated using a hardware
· scrolling enabled within magnifying
· option to disable on-screen buttons.

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